About Us

Pineridge Woodworking was opened in 2011 to create custom woodworking for the residential market. At that time the housing market was booming and created a great demand for custom wood working and cabinetry. Most of the work included Kitchens, Entertainment centers/rooms, Home office, Basement bars, Laundry rooms and Recreational areas.

With the housing market collapsing in 2008 most of the custom cabinet market collapse with it as well. Many people in the home remodeling industry went bankrupt home sales being so poor.  It was time to readjust and to look for other markets for the business to remain open. We began to expand into other markets and found a company that remodels and rebuilds old churches. Most of the custom needs were for unique furniture, Alters, Ambos and any other structural woodworking needed from the parish and architectural specifications.

With a new market to explore and learn it was time to learn new technologies. Pineridge invested in a CNC router and soft wear to further improve the modeling and carving capabilities. With this technology in place it allowed for more complex and ornate designs to replicate older church designs.  

In 2016 we acquired a cabinet dealership Choice Cabinet Chicago in Glendale Heights IL. This acquisitionallowed us to expand and merge Pineridge into Choice Cabinet Chicago. We will continue to provide custom architectural components for the Church Rehab market as well as dealership for the residential and commercial kitchen markets. Since our acquisition we have added other cabinet lines to our product line. 

We are open to the public and encourage customers to use our online scheduling system. We also have show room walk in hours as well.  If you have any questions or comments drop us an email and we will be happy to work with you an your next project.