Maintain Beautiful Cabinets

No matter how careful you are with your cabinetry, normal wear and tear from everyday use is inevitable. That’s why Choice Cabinet Chicago has made it easier than ever to keep your cabinets looking and feeling brand new.


Over time, the door hinges, soft-close pistons, drawer glides and decorative hardware on your cabinetry may need to be tightened or adjusted. Our hardware has been designed to be easily adjusted by you, simply using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Soft-close pistons are adjusted by finger turning the small dial on the backside of the piston.


We offer Touch-Up Pens and Fill Sticks that have been specially formulated for each of our high-quality cabinet finishes. Please work with your Choice Cabinet Chicago Design Professional on how to acquire and properly use these products.

NOTE: Substantial repairs may require the help of a professional re-finisher.